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[2009-02-25] Shop shelvings is generally refer to the gondola shelvings, racks, stands, cabinets, boxes, bags and other equipments used for storage and display merchandise in hypermarket, supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy store etc. Recently, in order to catch customer's eyes and make customer much comfortable. most stores renewed or modified their shelving systems, counters etc. so that make the store and shops turns a new look of business.

Compared with a temporary stall, gondola shelving takes full advantage of the market space, the aim is to layout of merchandise in good order, so that customers at a glance, the fastest way to pass merchandise information to customers, and through the emotional display of merchandise, to stimulate and strengthen the determination of purchasing, At the same time, gondola shelving is also facilities for salespersons to provide the customers with better services. whether it is gondola shelving, display stands, cabinet-style shelves, or box-type shelves, shelving are used to place different merchandise, to make the customers' purchasing easier.

Like the gondola shelving placed section by section, bay by bay. the merchandises can also be divided to different sections. thousands merchandises assorted out on different shelves, different merchandises team or group incorporated in order, so that the customer walked into one shop along the shelf like a channel network, customer can see the store operated by an array of merchandises, and most sales services finished with the customer directly before the shelving.

Shelf placement is the main work of the shop layout work, aisles structured by different shelving sections determines the flow of customers, Regardless of the layout is cross-vertical, diagonal cross, radiation-type, free flow or direct, The layout should be remains some flexibility so that adjust the shelf layout with the required forms. so most supermarkets have adopted the sumetall shelving system which is much easier assembly and disassembly (base leg. back panel, shelves etc can be knock down), just a hammer and leveler can work. only some franchise stores used the fixed-form now.

The distance between the shelving section should ensure the customer flow smoothly. It's not a problem to put some wall shelving along the door of a small shops or convenience store. But for large food stores, department stores, gereral store, clothing stores etc, it is necessary to work out the reasonable distance after you considered the store scale, estimated customer flow, merchandise species, Generally sumetall shopfitting suggest the main aisles should be between 1.6 ~ 4.5 meters, sub-aisles is also not less than 1.2-2 meters.

Various merchandise have different shape, size, value and various characteristics etc. To achieve the best display effect, you must make you shelving cooperate well with the merchandise. So customized shelving for different merchandise becomes popular recently. Be convinced of this, sumetall have wider range of shelving specially for supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy store, clothing store, gift store, hardware store, and electric appliance stores. and we can also make shelving systems according to customer's drawing or samples.

Also, The specificity of the merchandises is also reflected in the possibility of stacking, hanging, vertical placing, horizontal placing, bulk, and some merchandise is sensitive for temperature, light etc, then you should use refrigerated glass frame; and special security measures should be taken for some valuable merchandise on the shelves; For the merchandises which need to be touched by customers, you should consider if the design to provide customers with enough convenience and comfortable. Traditional Chinese medicine shops rack drawer, heritage Bogut Rack stores, bookstores platform-style shelving, the box-type shelving fruit shop, clothing stores support-bar-style shelving, are designed in accordance with their respective characteristics.

Shelving layout should be designed to ensure an appropriate size and space on shelf after merchandise displayed. so that merchandise can be effectively displayed with the different varieties on the horizontal level, the same species with different specifications and grades can be displayed on the different vertical level shelves. Furthermore. appropriate space for the merchandise not only for the above placing, but also convenient for salespersons to placing, replacing, changing, and cleaning.

In the same store, It's better to using one same modular shelving system (popularly like Tego, Eden, Sumetall, AMX35, CAEM etc). It's usefull to create a neat, orderly environment and provide a better purchasing atmosphere. This basic unity mainly at: same material and dimension, same style (top, canopy, baseleg, plinth, level height etc), proper colors. so as to enable the shelving to obtain a sense of unity and harmonious.

Here importantly, for colors, sumetall is an expert, 20 years experience told us that: Shelving is a facility for displaying merchandise, so generally do not use irritating colors, it will be like a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. However, It's a knowledge how to cooperate the shelving colors and merchandise? you must take into account the role of the color. sumetall think grey shelving is better for colorful merchandise; darker or fuscous color shelving is better for light-colored merchandise; and light colors is better for dark merchandise; mixed colors of the shelving and merchandise played as the important role as the background color of your store

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