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As a leading shopfitting and shop equipment supplier from china. SUMETALL have 12 years experience in retail industry. we are becomes a expert in this field. and we are gladly to share our knowledge with all friends for mutual benifits on study and technical design improvement, none commercial purpose.

Shopfittings (shop fittings) refers to the furnitures and equipments for retail environments (like supermarkets, hypermarket, shops, convenience store etc). Retailers usually turn to shopfitters to furnish their stores with displays merchandising fixture and storage systems. In different regions, the shopfitting also be called shop fitting, shop equipment, store fixture, retail fitting, shop furniture,supermarket equipment, supermarket shop supplies etc.

Shop fitting manufacturers likes sumetall usually call our products "shopfitting and store fixture systems" to comprehend and diversify our product range to suitable for the most of applications from different customers, this will facilitate the wholesalers and shopfitters supplying their package to much wider range clients. like grocery store, pharmacy store, gas station store, apparel and clothing store or even anywhere where need display fixtures and promotion facilities. The shopfitting system are usually connected with a "modular" concept (like modular shelving,modular racking etc). it means that each items has more than one use, this goes into the "network". for example: one unit shop shelving require two uprights, two units separate shelving requires four uprights, When you connect the two units shelving together, then you'll use three uprights only (save one upright around $10.00), it's great save for your whole project.

Like every other products, Quality, Price, New Innovation is the three major important points in shopfitting industry.
a: On quality;different with other industry supplies, the retail shop fitting industry is ever more demanding on quality and "artistic" on design (from design, manufacturing, surface, packing are very strict). the more systems are nice, flexible, strong, durable and complete, the more they will attractive to retailers who perceive effectiveness of the fixtures they invest in.
b: On price; Sumetall are improving technical and design, decreasing waste and improving manufacturing efficiency to down the cost. so that keep products cheaper.
c: On innovation; Sumetall make improvement almost everyday to follow customer's requirement, and normally launch bigger new shopfitting systems updates on a 2 years basis. Today, you understand: no moving, no profiting, no future.

When it comes to shopfitting work or a supermarket layout project. It begins with a survey and measurement of the target space and area, and preparing design drawings for submission to the client. Alternatively, the client may have their own drawings prepared by an independent interior designer. sumetall can supply direct to these shops, and mostly the wholesale shop fitters arranges for purchase from sumetall the standard equipment and merchandize or production of bespoke, delivers and physically installs them — until the shop is ready for daily operation.

The shopfitting industry is normally sectorized: for example the shopfitters specialized for Food and Grocery retailers, then shopfitter specialized in electronics retailers, then those one working with architects for fashion retailers and so on, then they'll source refrigeration, shelving, counters, checkouts, signs, graphics from different suppliers and giving this 'package' as one entity. That's I mean different requirements from the different types of supermarket and shops. Convenience store mainly points the smart and cheaper fittings; Hardware store points the heavy duty capacity mainly; Fashion shop design requires up-to-the-minute awareness of current trends in colour and style to create stores that will draw customers in; Cosmetic shops have small size products with high prices, and needs store design constructed to display the countless types of perfume and personal care products in an inviting manner; Successful pub, nightclub and bar design creates entertaining environments that also help customers relax and feel at ease.

Recently, not only traditional importors and wholesalers, but also many retailers or end users started to deal directly with the manufacturers of the shopfitting systems, In many cases we are incorporated with those functions of designing,installations and site developments, sumetall can cooperate with different kinds customers well, and we can make a shop fitting job perfectly.

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