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SUMETALL standard wire shelving with four Dia. 1" steel post (3 to 8 feet in height), which with circular grooves around it, then the shelves can be held on the post by these circular grooves and plastic clips. Another function of the circular grooves is position height, it's usually spaced one inch apart throughout the post, so it maks much easy for an individual shelves can be moved to any height you need, even the unit is fully assembled without taking apart the unit or moving the other shelves.

The wire shelves usually between 18 to 30 inches deep and wide. there are tapered holes on the four corners of shelf, where the posts insert and little plastic clips keep them connected.

The typical colors are chrome, white and black. Chrome-plated surface is much popular choice, it's shining and less rust resistant to scratches. When it comes to cold room or low temperature wet environment, most popular solution is Zinc plating and then powder coated on surface. Or using the stainless steel wire shelving is best solution, while the cost is much higher.

No tools are required for assembly or disassembly the shelves, just a rubber mallet is enough for hammer the structure much stronger. wire shelving is a good choice for DIY use. so it is widely used in commercial and home stocks, in restaurant, food service and retail store fittings due to its ability to stay clean and resist rust. It is also used by retailers, in industrial applications and in home kitchens as well. For the wire shelving have a nice looking and a proper loading weight capacity from 100 to 500kgs. And it's a better choice for storage in areas where fire prevention is stressed, because the opening design allows sprinkler system more efficient, while the solid shelving might block water flow.

Improved and new-developing are runing without stop, Just adding caster and wheels can make a mobile wire shelving unit, and we can also supply various wire fences, wire baskets, wine racks, catalogue racks. many derive new components come out. For more info about Wire Shelving from china supplier, please visit the new special website: www.shelving.com.cn.

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