How to choose the proper casters/wheels for your shopping trolley

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Sumetall thinks the casters/wheels is the most important parts of a shopping trolley. You should consider followings when you choose the caster.

Different Material:You should decide it according to the road it will runing, and the loading capacity it require. For example: PVC wheels can’t resist the acid and grease environment. While the PU and Nylon casters can be used in many different places.

Different rigidity: Nylon, PU wheels are suitable for any roads both outside and inside conditions. While the soft TPR caster is much suitable for the inside the supermarket, hotel, hospital, where require quiet and smooth running.

Caster size: Usually the bigger the caster is, the most laborsaving, And the needle-bearings are suit for heavy-duty uses and unsuitable for silent areas; While the ball bearing casters are the opposite to the needle bearings.

Temperature: The working temperature is important to the casters’ performance. The TPU caster can move flexibly sub-zero 45 degrees Celsius.

Loading capacity calculation: T = E+Z/M*N (T=loading capacity of a single caster, E= dead weight of a trolley, Z=maximum loading capacity, M=numbers of the caster, N=safety factor (about 1.3 – 1.5).

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