Shopping trolley quality tips

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Shopping trolleys' performance mainly lies on four points. the structure, surface treatment, caster quality, and plastic parts quality. As sumetall view, surface and caster is much important, Chrome/Zinc plating inside,and the clear powder coating painted outside becomes much popular recently, for it's super performance on anti-corrosion

strong narrow baskets structureFashionable strong structure basket, the narrow mesh ensureed the smaller articles can't fall through. The handles covered with clear plastic tube,with Supermarket Logo printed inside for advertising and anti theft. 

Casters is one of the most component on a shopping trolley, quality casters and wheelsSumetall used high quality silent castors to ensure long-term smooth and silent running. PU / TPU / PVC caster are available, and normal flat cater,elevator caster,anti static caster can be choosed for different merchandising entironment.

super surface treatmentSuper surface treatment is the most important for a shopping trolley, Our permanent gloss finish solutions effectively protected the trolley surfaces in good condition for years. Super quality galvanized and chrome plating are most popular choices, and our trolleys can also be powder coated with different colors.

The plastic parts anti-UV plastic partsof sumetall shopping trolley are innoxious and environmentally, it is made of recycle plastic raw material. And with the usage of UV resistance with revolutionary breakthrough our product do not afraid sunshine any longer, our surface of product, handle logo always keep gloss for years.

Different colours Various colors are availableare available for plastic corners, plastic baby seat, advertising plates. Customized colors can be made by the PANTONE and RAL color swatchs.

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